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School Year Calendar 2018-2019


Principal’s Remarks

Our staff at Reston School are excited for the challenges of the 2018-2019 school year.   There are many changes such as an addition of a portable classroom, school ground renovations, and some room rearrangements.  We are working hard to ensure all the transitions will happen as smooth as possible.  I am excited to welcome back some of our staff from their maternity leaves: Kari Schiltroth, Jennifer Wahoski, and Rochelle Stephenson.  If you would like to contact any of the staff you can find an 2018-2019 staff list with email links on this website.  Other ways to keep yourself up to date on the latest Reston School news is through  newsletters, Tiger Talk (Reston Recorder), and the Reston School Facebook Page.

Dan Kristof



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Reston School will work with communities to prepare our students for their futures by having students working to their potential, while demonstrating proficiency, achievement and competency in their always changing educational environment.