Jordan Main

Ms. Jordan Main

Math Websites


Free Math Games

Hooda – Free Math games

Math Links 7 Student Edition webpage

Science Websites

Interactions With Ecosystems activities

Link to Learning – Grade 7 Science Curriculum


Physical Education, Nutrition and Health Websites

PHE Canada – The importance of physical activity

Manitoba PE Curriculum

Canada’s Food Guide

Canadian Mental Health Association

Physical Literacy and why it’s important

FREE Fitness, Nutrition, and Health apps for your Smart Phone:

Fitness Pal – keep track of your activities and daily intake of food and drinks with this free app
Nike Trainer – free 15-45 minute workouts with video demonstrations that you can do from your living room
TGfU – free games for any age group
Fitbit – free app to connect you to your fitbit tracker
Restaurant Nutrition – app which tells you the nutritional value of some of your favorite dishes from popular restaurants.
Heart Rate Monitor by LogYourRun – Curious what your heart rate is? This free app quickly tells you your BPM.